A 6 Week Online Program

• Activate the Science of Self-Love Today •

Are you sick of feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Are you looking for a proven and engaging way to maintain your mental and emotional wellbeing? The Self-Love Project educates and supports you to cultivate 12 research-based daily habits across four key pillars for optimal energy management and wellness in as little as 20 minutes a day. Commit to The Self-Love Project’s four pillars – Mindfulness, Happiness, Food & Movement – and watch your clarity, presence, emotional strength, inner stability, self-esteem and resilience grow. It’s worked for many others, it will work for you too.



21st century living can be stressful and people are feeling it. The Self-Love Project provides a clear framework for reducing your stress and increasing your feelings of emotional strength, genuine happiness and authentic positivity.

The Self-Love Halo is a simple, practical and research-based tool that will support you to activate the non-negotiable factors for happiness in your life every day. People using the Self-Love Halo report feelings of   increased self-esteem, confidence, self-belief, resilience, trust and positivity about the future.

Sign up for The Self-Love Project to get instant access to The Self-Love Halo as a tool for dealing with challenge (because life happens) instead of feeling powerless in the face of external forces.



Mindfulness is defined as the art of being consciously aware of the present moment without judging it (or yourself) in the process. It’s about being with ‘what is’, lovingly. Mindfulness leader Dr Dan Siegel says:

“I think of mindfulness as brain hygiene. There was a day when people didn’t brush their teeth and I think mindfulness practice is a form of brain brushing… where if done in a daily way… you actually keep the circuits of compassion very much alive. The idea now is to take the ancient teachings and wonderful recent research findings and apply them in the modern world so people have a form of brain hygiene, which ultimately will be a form of world hygiene.”

Mindfulness training will help you to access inner calm, kindness, love and personal clarity. This program will teach you research-based mindfulness techniques and support you to make mindfulness a daily habit that will serve you for the rest of your life.



The healthiest and longest living cultures in the world move naturally throughout their day.
This program provides information about these people + the latest research supporting popular styles of exercise options including high-intensity interval training, yoga, swimming etc plus the argument for incidental exercise.

While research shows that the benefits of daily movement include healthy brain development, improved memory, better posture, boosted confidence, higher levels of happiness, less stress, improved quality of sleep, increased energy, better sex and less illness… the focus of this course will actually be on the energy and intention YOU bring to your daily movement.

Are you moving because you hate your body and want to change it through exercise? Or are you moving every day to feel oxygenated, alive and amazing in your own skin? This program keeps you accountable to finding the love and joy for your body (and self) as you move to be energised and activated in your own life daily.



Food plays a critical role in the quality of a person’s mood, clarity of mind, physical fitness and over wellbeing. The Self-Love Project Guidebook is details science-based food principles for optimal well being and nourishment, including the latest guidelines for gut health practices and mood-boosting food choices. Follow it all by the letter and you will be bursting with health and vitality! BUT…

… what The Self-Love Project also knows for sure, is that diets that rely on rules and willpower do not work. Fact. Instead, we believe that THE most important factor influencing your ability to eat well consistently for good body, mind and spiritual health, is to increase the level of mindfulness you bring to your daily eating ritual. The Self-Love Project supports you to practice mindful eating and create a positive daily habit that will serve you in good health and natural weight management, over time and for life. The SLP keeps you accountable to mindful eating practices with weekly video sessions and your online daily diary.


Sick of your own self-critic? Are you done with unwanted stress? Are you ready to live with more love in your every day life? Sign up to receive instant access to The Self-Love Project Guidebook + weekly online video tutorials + inspirational daily emails. Once in place, The Self-Love Project framework will serve you for life.

What You Get on The Self-Love Project

Get results as part of The Self-Love Project with world-best education, our solid accountability system, daily motivational emails plus access to weekly online coaching sessions and other resources. Read on to see what you get when you sign up for The Self-Love Project.


Join to get instant access to The Self-Love Project Guidebook. PLUS weekly video sessions in your inbox teaching world-class practices for cultivating Self-Love. Includes basic brain science PLUS research-based benefits of all recommended lifestyle habits.

Personalised Data

Log recommended daily Self-Love activity by completing your online diary with a simple tap or swipe action as you hop into bed each night. Also, track your progress by completing your fortnightly Self-Love Quotient survey to find out what works for you personally and what does not. Eg When I do A, my Self-Love quotient is X.

The Self-Love Halo

Use this simple, practical and research-based tool to activate the non-negotiable factors for happiness and Self-Love in your life every day. People using the Self-Love Halo report feelings of   increased self-esteem, confidence, self-belief, resilience, trust and positivity about the future.

Self-Love Toolkit

Use resources in the Self-Love toolkit for moments when most in need. Whether it’s a stressful life events or a challenging conversation, we all get triggered by life sometimes.


Receive regular e-notes that are loving, inspiring and motivating so you can find your spark to stay on track and keep coming back to Love.

Community & Accountability

Stay committed to Love with the Private SLP Mastermind Group and an invitation to learn from and share your journey with the community. Be buoyed by the growing tribe of people committed to Love as a conscious choice for a better life.

Inspiration. Motivation. Illumination.

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Benefits of Joining Next Self-Love Project

• Make Love Your Primary Fuel for Life •

The Self-Love Project educates you in research-based practices, supports you to be your best friend, holds you within a simple accountability framework, and surrounds you with a network of people choosing Love as their fuel for life.

Skills for life

Competitive Advantage at Work

Enhanced positivity, happiness and confidence supports improved business outcomes and opportunities for promotion

Positive Self-Care Habits

Positive Self-Care Habits

Develop a healthy respect for yourself as you develop daily habits that create confidence in your ability to self-care.

Improved Energy & Mood

Love is patient. Love is kind. With love as your motivation you will feel more stable in energy and mood.

High Levels of Resilience

High Levels of Resilience

Feel empowered as you apply the simple science of resilience to the way you plan your life.

Better Quality Relationships

Feel more deeply connected with family, friends and important community groups as your relationship with self improves.

A Love Fuelled-life

A Love Fuelled-life

Experience powerful relief as you finally make Love your most powerful fuel and your highest priority.

Client Love

Oli Oulsnam – Architect, Sydney

“I would literally recommend The Self-Love Project to anybody… no matter how confident, smart, funny, charming, or physically fit you may be. In fact, if everybody that I knew did this course my world would be an even more amazing place.

Entering into this program I believed I had most things figured out. If I’m honest at first it seemed like The Self-Love Project wasn’t for me… but half way through this course something inside me changed, I began to see certain things in a different light. The SLP has given me the following:

  • I give thanks internally for who I am, the chances and opportunities I am given and the people in my life that love me for me.
  • My every day experiences – from walking to work, ordering my coffee, to striking up a conversation with someone I don’t know – now all give me a sense of enjoyment and opportunity to connect and gain something new.
  • Everyday, I am finding myself to be more empathetic, particularly at work. My patience and understanding towards people and their uniqueness has allowed me to appreciate them and give empathy when needed.
  • During the weekly group calls, I felt part of a group of people that – like myself – are on a journey to better appreciate or understand things in their lives. I felt connected. I felt included. I felt that my input into that group was valued. I felt love through acceptance of not being perfect.

I’m recommending The Self-Love Project to anybody seeking a better understanding of themselves, and others. Seriously, just do it.”

Kimberly Banfield – Soul Purpose Expert, Sydney

“The biggest benefit for me doing The Self-Love Project was learning how to really speak my heart. Honestly, this has made such a huge difference to my life – very profound experience and healing :). Also, learning to love myself without force has helped me to really find my new baseline of self-love and to open up and connect a lot more, with myself and with other people.

The online weekly sessions were great for interaction and it was great to feel part of the group. Hearing other’s experiences and stories gave me a greater understanding of how self-love works for other people which then helped with my own insights into my relationship with myself. It was really great to have that personal touch and contact with Eloise in the group – it added a lot of value to the overall experience. She has a beautiful energy and is so real about her experience.”

Neil Harrison – Human Resources Director, Sydney

“The Self-Love Project pulls together the fundamental elements of wellbeing in a clear and engaging way. It provides insights and techniques that we should all be equipped with.

There’s no ‘rah-rah’! It’s centered around practices that you can bring to life every day. Regardless of where you’re at, it provides a really positive foundation for personal growth.”

Psychologist Heather Bray, corporate exec Wendy Colaco, creative director Charlie de Demko and holistic stylist Olivia De Vere speak about The Self-Love Project.

What did you think about The Self-Love Project Guidebook? (1:32)

Tell us about The Self Love Project online Weekly Meetup sessions… (1:45)

What benefits did you experience from doing The Self-Love Project? (3:11)

Meet The Self-Love Project author, Eloise King

Eloise is an active business owner, a proud mother and an avid Self-Love practitioner. She supports individuals from all walks of life (from all over the world) to demystify the art of Self-Love with science and to live it every day with a simple, research-based practical framework.

After majoring in psychology at The University of Sydney, she began her 10+ year career in journalism, writing for Australia’s largest selling newspapers and magazines including The Sunday Telegraph, body+soul and Wellbeing Magazine. As the founder of Soul Sessions she worked to further spread knowledge for personal growth through her interviews with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani, Dr Joe Dispenza, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, David Avocado Wolfe and many other world-class thinkers.

As a result of healing herself from her own debilitating burnout, she became motivated to produce a reliable, inspired and proven framework to help restore and maintain her own personal levels of wellness, which she named The Self-Love Project.

In a beautiful twist of fate PLUS oodles of commitment and dedication, The Self-Love Project has now been developed into a Guidebook and powerful 6-Week Online Program that is helping a growing number of people from all over the world to manage their work and life stress. It supports participants with world-best research and facilitation to align with their naturally loving self for better health, personal productivity and emotional wellness.

Eloise believes Self-Love is ultimately an altruistic pursuit. “When a person begins to practice the art of Self-Love, the positive effects are felt by the practitioner, of course, but they soon ripple out to impact all those in their world,” she says. The Self-Love Project is proudly presented by The Souluversity, an online organisation supporting people to live happier, authentic and more meaningful lives.

Who is The Self-Love Project Author? (3.28 secs)

What results do people get? (1:34)

What does she love about the SLP? (1:51)

What people say about Self-Love…


“You don’t have anything to give that you don’t have. So you have to keep your own self full. That’s your job. Fill yourself up and keep your cup full. I used to be afraid of people saying: ‘She’s so full of herself,’ but now I consider it a compliment that I am full of myself. I am full, I am overflowing, my cup runneth over. I have so much to offer and so much to give and I am not afraid of honouring myself.” ~ Stanford Graduate School of Business Interview

Dr Fab Mancini

“My purpose in life is to learn to unconditionally love myself, so I may unconditionally love others. When I’m unconditionally loving myself, everything else works. Everything works because I work. I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to learning to love myself a little bit more… and that gives me an amazing power to love everyone else around me.” ~ HealthyME Summit

Cameron Diaz

“When you spend time learning about yourself and take care of your mind, body and heart, you’ll start to treat yourself with kindness, compassion and affection. As you explore the nature of love within yourself, your ability to take it outward, and let others love you back, you’ll see the possibilities are endless. With your own heart as your anchor, practice unconditional love for yourself in all your glory and imperfection, and you’ll never need more.” ~ Our Body Book


Sick of your own self-critic? Are you done with unwanted stress? Are you ready to live with more love in your every day life? Sign up to receive instant access to The Self-Love Project Guidebook + weekly online video tutorials + inspirational daily emails. Once in place, The Self-Love Project framework will serve you for life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.How much time will I have to invest?

A. This program has been designed with busy people in mind. As a working parent with a very full life, Eloise knows how hard it can be to grab even just a few moments to yourself. As such, a large amount of flexibility has been built into The Self-Love Project to make it practical and achievable. All participants start by reading The Self-Love Project Guidebook which will be delivered to your inbox within minutes of you joining. Ten days later, your personal 6 week project will begin with your Day 1 email that will include the first of 7 videos (approx 30 minutes each) that are sent to you weekly. Your daily Self-Love habits can be done in as little as 20 minutes per day.

If you feel like you can’t find the time right now for your own stress management, inner peace, improved confidence and wellness with Self-Love then it's possible that you don’t want it bad enough at this point in time. That’s completely okay. But we would ask you to consider the alternative which is this: your experience of lack (on any level) will stay the same if you don’t take action and commit to making some changes.

Q. Will this program definitely work for me? I’ve tried other experts, courses or coaching sessions that haven’t worked.

A. Here’s the truth. A lot of people dip in and out of wellness strategies… always looking for the next quick fix… without really committing to any which one path. For most people, this approach just simply never works. The Self-Love Project program is really effective because it provides you with a clear, reliable, flexible and proven framework to establish positive daily habits for Self-Love (the only goal) in 6 weeks. If you work the program, we guarantee (or you'll get your money back) that you’ll find greater levels of self-awareness, self-respect, self-compassion, confidence and Self-Love... BUT... this will only happen if you commit to your learning and simple daily habits. If you’re happy to commit, then we can show you how to live with more love in your heart.

Q. Does this program mean I have to change my current exercise, eating regime or meditation style if I already have one?

A. This program is designed to enhance what you already have in your life AND add simple, powerful and scientifically proven habits for Self-Love.

Q. How does this program help me stay focused for the full six weeks?

A. This program has a built-in accountability structure that will keep you engaged for the entire 42 days. When you sign up for The Self-Love Project you get daily love bombs for motivation, a daily email to keep you connected and on track plus one coaching video each week. In addition, and only if you choose it, you can participate in optional online weekly Self-Love sessions to connect with other program participants. These happen every Monday night from 8pm - 9.15pm. 

Q. Why can’t I just read a book or search the internet to learn more on this subject?

A.There’s A LOT of information out there on the subject of Self-Love, but most of it is overly esoteric or lacking quality research and is therefore somewhat unreliable. When Eloise realised that true Self-Love was THE essential ingredient missing from her own life, she began her own search for resources online and noticed two things: 1.There was a lot of kind of fluffy information that, instead of helping, just added to her confusion... and 2.There was plenty of talk, but nowhere did anyone provide a step-by-step and comprehensive plan to take simple and achievable actions each day with the ongoing accountability and support needed to stick with it. So, Eloise combined her studies in psychology with her excellent research and journalistic skills to develop this program. She saw a real need for a clear, strategic, research-based, trustworthy and guided process that anyone could follow for improved Self-Love  - without the self-development industry hype and rah-rah. 

You’re welcome to try and do this on your own and with the help of books and internet resources, but for many people, this just creates more confusion, not clarity. Clarity is what we all need for a clear path to success and Eloise is all about results especially when it comes to Self-Love. She says: "The results have been so incredible for me in my own personal life and I am passionate about others having access to Self-Love too. After all, you as much as everyone in the world deserves your own love... but until you know how... it can be the hardest thing to access and cultivate."

Q. What makes The Self-Love Project the best and most successful choice of program in this area?

A. Our confidence in this program’s ability to increase your Self-Love stems from the world-class research it is built on + the multitude of glowing testimonials we have received from past participants who now swear by it as a way of life. Also, to ensure our program is successful in meeting participants Self-Love goals, our team conducted five pilot projects to gather feedback and data from real people just like you. We used this information to tweak and upgrade the framework presented to you in The SLP Guidebook and 6 week online program.

Q. Does the program involve any 1:1 coaching?

A. There is no 1:1 coaching in this program. There is however, access to Eloise (or a fully qualified Self-Love Project facilitator) in the weekly group live sessions and in the Private Facebook Group. Eloise and The Self-Love Project team are in there to support you through the program and that support continues well after you complete your 6 week project. 

Q.Can I get refund?

A. Yes! If after going through the program, you’re not happy with your results, simply email me your completed workbook within 50 days of your purchase and I’ll issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

Q.What if I can’t afford it right now?

A. Eloise designed this program as an affordable and successful way to be supported to actualise world-best research-based strategies for Self-Love. It is psychologist, naturopath and exercise physiologist approved. in our books, your health and happiness is always a worthy investment, even if that means saying no to some other luxuries for a while.

Only you, however, can decide if you’re ready to invest or not. But we would urge you to consider the alternative; your life will pretty much stay the same as it is now if you don’t choose to take action in support of positive change. We can also guarantee that the longer you choose not to implement changes such as those included in The Self-Love Project, the more intense the feelings of lack will become overtime until life itself will force you to do something about it. Our advice is not to leave it too late – join us today!

Q. Am I too old to muck around with the concept and practice of Self-Love?

A. Listen to us. It’s NEVER too late to cultivate Self-Love. Of course the earlier you come to understanding and prioritising Self-Love in your life, the more time you will spend experiencing it for reals. If you have already spent a large part of your life without it, then it’s definitely time to take action now. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been struggling, this program will support you to find more compassion, more love and more gentleness and warmth for the most influential relationship in your life… the one between you and you. We are excited to meet you and support you in this specific and important part of your exciting life journey. Join us today.


I want you to be 100% happy with The Self-Love Project 6 Week Online Program. That’s why I’m giving you the chance to try out the program over 50 days. If after going through the program, you’re not happy with your results, no problem. Email me within 50 days with evidence that you have completed your daily diary logs in the online membership portal and I’ll issue you a full refund. I’m so confident that you’ll not only love this but that it delivers on its promises too, I want to give you more than enough time to give it a go.

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