Client Love

Maria Strohmeier, Accountant
“Eloise and her Self-Love Project provided me with much needed practical, yet playful tools to get out of my negative and confused state of mind and set me back on track to seek happiness. I loved how it was simplified into four pillars as it made it easy to follow and apply.”

Kimberly Banfield, Soul Purpose Coach

“Learning how to really speak my heart has honestly made such a huge difference to my life – very profound experience and healing. Also, learning to love myself without force has helped me to really find my new baseline of self-love and to open up and connect more with myself and with other people. Hearing other’s experiences in the group gave me a greater understanding of how self-love works for other people which then helped with my own insights into my relationship with myself. It was really great to have that personal touch with Eloise in the group – it added a lot of value to the overall experience. She has a beautiful energy and is so real about her experience.”

Oli OulsnamArchitect

“I would literally recommend The Self-Love Project to anybody… no matter how confident, smart, funny, charming, or physically fit they may be. I’m recommending The Self-Love Project to anybody seeking a better understanding of themselves, and others.”

Heather Bray, Psychologist 

“The whole idea of self-talk and how we manage our thinking is just an enormously valuable tool for all human beings. As a psychologist I think there are so many ways to complicate those processes, but the way The Self-Love Project put those concepts together makes it really clear, really simple, and really attainable.”

Celestine Fedley, Healthcare Worker

“This course takes mindfulness to another level by using scientifically proven tools to create love, happiness and satisfaction in all areas of your life. Amongst the many benefits that I got from “The Self-Love Project” was the ability to challenge my negative thought patterns and turn them around. By the time the 6 week program is over the changes have been integrated as healthy habits for life.”

Neil Harrison, HR Director

“The Self-Love Project pulls together the fundamental elements of wellbeing in a clear and engaging way. It provides insights and techniques that we should all be equipped with.

There’s no ‘rah-rah’! It’s centered around practices that you can bring to life every day. Regardless of where you’re at, it provides a really positive foundation for personal growth.”

Angela Stojic, Event Manager & Promoter

“Thanks to The Self-Love Project I now prepare my food with more love. I mindfully eat and am working on enjoying the way food fuels and nourishes my body. Accepting all these new layers to my relationship with food, while choosing love for myself, has been a beautiful process of awareness. This program has been challenging, surprising, so valuable and an absolute joy. I am truly grateful I was able to be part of this project.”

Kerrie Collins, Beauty Therapist

“I can DEFINITELY say this course has made me wake up! I am more mindful of everything around me – nature, things that are happening in the world and people. I have slowed down and am “smelling the roses”. Thanks Eloise and the great team for being with us every step of the way, for not judging but encouraging and for your support. I have loved the Self-Love Project.”

Olivia De Vere, Model & Presenter  

“The Self-Love Project covers everything from diet, mindfulness, movement, meditation and even the science of happiness – and offers a very sophisticated and integrated approach to life. As you read each page, you can feel the love in this book and I am absolutely a more loving a compassionate version of myself today.”

Charlie de Demko, Creative Director

“The Self-Love Project was excellent. It was completely encompassing of all the pillars I needed to support me through the six-week journey of the program. The Guidebook helped with recipes, videos that helped explain concepts, it made me laugh out loud in places. Reading The Self-Love Project Guidebook was a great experience in itself. Putting it into action every day was even better.”

Wendy Colaco, Corporate Exec

“I really liked The Self-Love Project Guidebook because I found it really fresh. I felt that it was very clear. It had very clear guidelines as what was to be done on the 6 week program, but also what to be flexible on. A key benefit for me is that it’s transportable. I can take it with me anywhere give it to myself every day. I think this program should be mandatory for not only every human being but every workplace.”

Louise Fletcher, Communications Consultant

“I feel that Eloise (SLP author) has put together a program that anyone can benefit from. The most powerful learning for me personally was that although I am “imperfect”, accepting who I am with an open and optimistic sense of self is of immeasurable value to me and everyone I interact with. Thank you, Eloise, for your commitment to having us all be the best version of ourselves.”


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