A six-week life experiment cultivating positive daily habits.


A six-week life experiment cultivating positive daily habits.


A six-week life experiment cultivating positive daily habits.

Inspiration. Motivation. Illumination.

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Four Pillars for Self-Love

The Self-Love Project invites you to become the chief-scientist for your life. Your hypothesis? Commit to good daily habits across these four key pillars and your Self-Love quotient will grow. It’s worked for many others, will it work for you?

Food plays a critical role in the quality of a person’s mood, clarity of mind, physical fitness and over wellbeing. The Self-Love Project Guidebook details the same science-based food principles for optimal well being and nourishment that any reputable website will give you. It’s true! It also includes the latest guidelines for gut health practices and mood-boosting food choices. Follow it all by the letter and you will be bursting with health and vitality! BUT…

… what The Self-Love Project also knows for sure, is that diets that rely on rules and willpower do not work. Fact. Instead, we believe that THE most important factor influencing your ability to eat well consistently for good body, mind and spiritual health, is to increase the level of mindfulness you bring to your daily eating ritual. The Self-Love Project supports you to practice mindful eating and create a positive daily habit that will serve you in good health and natural weight management, over time and for life. The SLP keeps you accountable to mindful eating practices with weekly online meetings and your online membership platform.

The healthiest and longest living cultures in the world, move naturally throughout their day.

The Self-Love Project provides information about these people as well as the latest research supporting popular styles of exercise options including high-intensity interval training, yoga, swimming etc. It uses research to show the relationship between movement and benefits such as healthy brain development, happiness, and having less stress.

As well as detailing the pros and cons of many movement options, The Self-Love Project heralds the benefits of incidental exercise and encourages you to move every day, in any way you can. Benefits of daily movement include: Improved memory, better posture, boosted confidence, higher levels of happiness, less stress, improved quality of sleep, increased energy, better sex, less illness and more.

The SLP keeps you accountable to moving daily with weekly online meetings and your online membership platform.

Mindfulness is defined as the art of being consciously aware of the present moment without judging it (or ourselves) in the process. It’s about being with ‘what is’, lovingly, even when we don’t like ‘what is’. Mindfulness leader Dr Dan Siegel says the practice of mindfulness for your mind is what a toothbrush is for your teeth. “I think of mindfulness as brain hygiene,” he says. “There was a day when people didn’t brush their teeth and I think mindfulness practice is a form of brain brushing… where if done in a daily way… you actually keep the circuits of compassion and other compassion very much alive. And that’s been shown over and over again. The idea now is to take the ancient teachings and wonderful recent research findings and apply them in the modern world so people have a form of brain hygiene, which ultimately will be a form of world hygiene.”

Mindfulness training (or practice) helps us put space between our self and our emotions so we can access inner calm, kindness, love, authentic clarity through presence. The SLP teaches mindfulness, encourages you to turn it into a daily habit and keeps you accountable with weekly online meetings and our online membership platform.

Lets face it, 21st century living can be stressful and people are feeling it. Which is why resilience is such a hot topic of both discussion and study in 2016. Psychologist Andrew Fuller defines resilience as “the happy knack of being able to bungy jump through the pitfalls of life.”

In other words, the ability to bounce back from adversity, quickly. The Resilience Doughnut is a simple, practical and research-based tool that supports people to understand their external world resources (family, work, friends, education, community, skills and partner) while strengthening their inner world resources (self-belief, trust in own ability to make good life decisions and feel positive about the future.)

The Self-Love Project empowers people to use The Resilience Doughnut as a tool for dealing with challenge (because life happens), instead of feeling powerless in the face of external forces.

The next Self-Love Project starts 29 August, 2016

Interested in making a change? Join the next group and never look back. Numbers strictly limited.


Benefits of Joining Next Self-Love Project

Make Love Your Primary Fuel for Life

The Self-Love Project educates you in research-based practices, supports you to be your best friend, holds you within a simple accountability framework, and surrounds you with a network of people choosing Love as their fuel for life.

A Love Fuelled-life

A Love Fuelled-life

Experience powerful relief as you finally make Love your most powerful fuel and your highest priority.

Positive Self-Care Habits

Positive Self-Care Habits

Develop a healthy respect for yourself as you develop daily habits that create confidence in your ability to self-care.

Improved Energy & Mood

Love is patient. Love is kind. With love as your motivation you will feel more stable in energy and mood.

High Levels of Resilience

High Levels of Resilience

Feel empowered as you apply the simple science of resilience to the way you plan your life.

Better Quality Relationships

Feel more deeply connected with family, friends and important community groups as your relationship with self improves.

Skills for life

Skills for Life

With the Self-Love Toolkit, grow in confidence knowing you can handle life’s challenges and bounce back quickly.

What people say about Self-Love…


“You don’t have anything to give that you don’t have. So you have to keep your own self full. That’s your job. Fill yourself up and keep your cup full. I used to be afraid of people saying: ‘She’s so full of herself,’ but now I consider it a compliment that I am full of myself. I am full, I am overflowing, my cup runneth over. I have so much to offer and so much to give and I am not afraid of honouring myself.” ~ Stanford Graduate School of Business Interview

Dr Fab Mancini

“My purpose in life is to learn to unconditionally love myself, so I may unconditionally love others. When I’m unconditionally loving myself, everything else works. Everything works because I work. I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to learning to love myself a little bit more… and that gives me an amazing power to love everyone else around me.” ~ HealthyME Summit

Cameron Diaz

“When you spend time learning about yourself and take care of your mind, body and heart, you’ll start to treat yourself with kindness, compassion and affection. As you explore the nature of love within yourself, your ability to take it outward, and let others love you back, you’ll see the possibilities are endless. With your own heart as your anchor, practice unconditional love for yourself in all your glory and imperfection, and you’ll never need more.” ~ Our Body Book

What You Get on The Self-Love Project

There is so much support offered to you as part of The Self-Love Project in the form of education, accountability, motivation, group flow and other resources. Read on to see what you get when you sign up for The Self-Love Project.


Learn basic brain science, PLUS research-based benefits of creating positive lifestyle habits across the four Self-Love pillars with The Self-Love Project guidebook.

Personalised Data

Track your progress over time by logging personal lifestyle data online with a simple tap or swipe action to record your activity across the four SLP pillars daily.

Online Feedback

Take the guesswork out of Self-Love with this evidence based framework that allows you to measure your Self-Love quotient against your actual daily habits. Eg When I do A, my Self-Love quotient is X.

Self-Love Toolkit

Use resources in the Self-Love toolkit for moments when most in need. Whether it’s a stressful life events or a challenging conversation, we all get triggered by life sometimes.


Receive regular e-notes that are loving, inspiring and motivating so you can find your spark to stay on track and keep coming back to Love.

Community & Accountability

Stay committed to Love with Monday night catch ups and an invitation to share your journey with the community. Be buoyed by the growing tribe of people committed to Love as a fuel for a better life.

The next Self-Love Project starts 29 August, 2016

Interested in making a change? Join the next group and never look back. Numbers strictly limited.


Need another reason to sign up for the Self-Love Project?

Think about it for a moment. The only constant in your life, as you move between work, home, hobbies, friends, family and life – is you. YOU go everywhere, with you. This is why cultivating a genuine practice of Self-Love, kindness and acceptance of who you truly are is the only strategy for improving the way you feel across literally every area of your life.

But true, lasting change is difficult for most people… especially when attempted alone. Surrounding yourself with people who are working towards similar goals increases your chance of success, massively.

Research shows that people have a tendency to synchronise with those around them… just like the metronomes in this clip. So why not improve your chances of experiencing genuine Self-Love by joining a tribe who has made it their number one goal.

“I am university educated and relatively well-versed when it comes to health and happiness, which I value highly. To be honest, as an avid reader, I wasn’t sure that there’d be anything new in this program for me but there was something inside of me that kept egging me on to do it. I particularly liked the idea of becoming the scientist in my own life and being able to log my activity and have a record to look back on and analyse. Now, having done it, I can’t speak highly enough of The Self-Love Project. Powered by science, The Self-Love Project Guidebook is a great read… entertaining, informative, wise and even funny at times. And the six week program provides really practical support to make the lifestyle habits real. I’d been wanting to practice mindfulness for ages, but couldn’t make it happen. I’d also heard a lot about the new science for resilience. In the end, I learnt so much in this course, especially about resilience, which is such an important like-skill that I’ve got forever now… and can pass on to my kids too. One of the biggest things I realised is that wanting to make change is often not enough. Knowledge is not enough either. Especially for a know-it-all like me. It was logging my habits daily in the membership portal, keeping track of my progress and the group support that helped me commit to that mindfulness practice in the end. The Self-Love Project was such good value for money. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that it was the best thing I’ve done for myself all year!

Mark Negri

Digital Entrepreneur

“Joining The Self-Love Project has been the best thing I have ever done for myself ….and my family! Life is busy and the demands can sometimes feel endless. I am not the same person I was when I started. I am so much calmer and more centred. The information, Self-Love strategies shared and group support have helped me make time and develop strong daily habits for myself that didn’t exist before. I always knew that all four pillars were things I should be doing for myself, but I just couldn’t find enough time or motivation to make it all happen at once. The perspective of making Self-Love the goal (rather than weight-loss, money, happiness or whatever) has been life-changing too (truly life-changing). The support provided through The Self-Love Project is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to give themselves a giant leap forward in the feel good stakes. The Self-Love Project is for anyone wanting to feel centred, empowered and to buy back some time from modern life. I feel lucky and thankful that I am able to be a part of this amazing program and wonderful community.”

Lousie Negri

Mum & Business Owner

“I am grateful to be part of The Self-Love Project community. I have always made lists and goals about things I want to achieve. Every year it’s lose weight, earn more money, find true love blah blah the same thing goes on the annual list and I kick myself for never getting to that ideal weight, income, relationship. Being part of The Self-Love Project has been a true game changer for me. By switching my goal to developing a kinder and less-judgemental relationship with myself (instead of the same old boring goals), I’ve never felt better in my own skin. The Self-Love Project is full of interesting, practical and entertaining information as well as expert knowledge. I was a little worried about the online format, but connecting in with the group each week was so enjoyable that I really looked forward to the Monday night sessions. And it was so much easier than having to leave the house and be somewhere. Logging my progress each day was also really easy with the nightly reminder email and having my own personalised data to understand my own habits better was kind of like shining the spotlight on myself for a good dose of honest reflection! It’s one of the things that now makes the changes Ive made feel sustainable… finally. I understand my own habits and patterns and have the support I need to for I cant’ recommend The Self-Love Project enough.” Justine McKell

PR Agent